Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fed uP

18 years old with a 50% mature age,

18 years old with a 50% educated age,

18 years old with a 50% experience age,

18 years old with a 50% income age.

What should i do to make you and you happy? This question have turn around my mind since i was primary 6. I rather stay in the heaven or hell than born into this world. Life...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miss You

Indeed, everyone wish to stay happy everyday with their partner whenever they is in a relationship... However, things won't go on smooth as we wish to... The tears that never worth to fall but always uncontrollable and automatic fall...

When i miss you i will tell myself that you will miss me too,
But your moves show me that you don't miss me.
When i need you i will tell myself that you will need me too,
But your moves shoe me that you don't need me.

Everytime i feel bored,
I watch movie.
Everytime i feel lonely,
I watch movie too.

Don't you know?
Time past very slow whenever i'm wait for your call.
Don't you know?
Time past very slow whenever i'm wait for your date.

Maybe i'm greedy to have all of your free time to be with me,
But it prove that you're mean everything of mine.
Maybe i'm childish to have all of your sight just put on me,
But it prove that you're mean everything of mine.

Every memories will gone slowly with the flows of time....
Will you still remember how much i love you and maintain it.........

- MaureenNg -

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earn Our Character

  • Developing character is my personal responsibility. It cannot be given to me; I must earn it. Commit myself to its development because it will protect me.

  • Everytime I make a character-base decision, I take another step toward becoming a better person.

  • The process begin with deciding to make good character my goal and to stop make excuses.

Earn Our Character- The theme of Lv Zhou camp this time.Well, I learnt a lot in the camp. This is the fourth time I join the camp, 3 days 2 night, I do appreciate it a lot.
I think this will be the last time I join the camp, because next year I'm going to join the Graduatian Camp held by Lv Zhou. Time past so fast, unwittingly I am 17 years old, one more year to go for graduate. I miss Lv Zhou youth camp so much, because the camp I knew a lot of friends, I get a lot of knowledge, grow up with a group of friend......



There is too many of 'because', I cant finish it...

~My lovely teamate~

I Lov3 YoU, Lv Zhou

Thanks for the best memories...

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-Maureen Ng-

Thursday, February 19, 2009




-MaureenNg -

Monday, February 16, 2009

Touch my Heart

Hi, to my all blogger reader. First, I want to say sorry because I didn't update my blog for a long long time. I'm wasn't busy but lazy somemore my computer is lag. I just finish read my dearest friend's blog that named BoyBoy. Well, how to describe him? I got no much idea too. What can i say is he is a very funny person. I still remember that the first time i met him, I think I was only 15 years old when I knew him. We met at a camp organisation called " LV ZHOU youth camp". Believe me, you must join it because you will learn alot during the camp although you will be very tired because the activity is nonstop go on. OK, back to my topic. The reason I want to intro my friend ( BOYBOY ) because I really touch by his post out topic as


It's been almost 3 years I knew him but I never know he is growing up in a broken family. I think if I never read his blog i will never know this thing happened on him. Because his face is always with a sweet smile, everyday, everytime, everysecond. I really cant believe that, I feel that this world is very unfair. I feel very sorry for him because I has a broken family too. I know the feel of sad, hate also love to a person that make us come to this world - DADDY. I am more lucky than him because I get back my family after 6 years long. I am very thankful that my Dad could change for his family. That why i believe that time can change everything. For those who dun wan to reponsible for your family, please, dont married because your one decision will cause many thing happened in the future. Please dont let your children to take this heavy responsiblelity in the future with a broken family.

- MaureenNg -